Change does not come easy. It takes a certain kind of person to lead from the front, to set the tempo from which their organisation, their people, and even an entire industry can follow.


Construction is transforming, and it needs to. We don’t have nearly enough diversity in our workforce, we have only started to recognise the silent crisis of poor mental health and wellbeing. And these issues are holding us back from fulfilling our potential.

Which brings us back to why changing the way we do things is so important. But for change to take affect we need people who are bold enough to show us what is possible and how to take a different road. It is for these reasons that I am delighted to announce a new award for this year, the CIOB President’s Award. This award enables us to recognise an individual who has made a significant impact on the industry, setting new standards in health and safety as well as placing focus on occupational health and work-related illness, like mental health.

I will be announcing the winner of this prestigious award during the show on the 25th November.

Professor Charles Egbu FCIOB
CIOB Past President 2019/20