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Jordan Allingham MCIOB

EHA Group

Faced with a technically complex cocktail of demolition, refurbishment, cut and carve, structural alteration and new build that had overwhelmed the team, Jordan Allingham turned this project around. Taking over a scheme where the programming didn’t reflect the build reality, he imposed clear and insightful planning, and repaired a strained client relationship. Practical, pragmatic and solutions-focused, he engaged the site team and drove progress. His exceptional effort delivered successful completion and handover.

About the Project

Derry’s Cross, Plymouth

Construction of 500 student bedrooms, with 110-bedroom hotel and seven retail units, completed in 204 weeks.

Client: Thames Bank

Contract: JCT, with amendments

Value: £48m

The technical complexity of this project came close to sinking the initial construction effort. A cut and carve of an old four-storey department store, it involved the addition of four storeys to an adjoining three-storey building. Four large internal courtyards had to be created, and structural alterations made to the existing steel frame and concrete deck floors to allow a lightweight, single-storey extension for a hotel.

When Jordan Allingham arrived on site, he encountered a project in major difficulty. The programming was failing, the management team had little grasp of the precise deadlines, resources were misaligned, and the supply chain lacked commitment.

Jordan resuscitated construction by rewriting the programme to realistic timeframes, based on his in-depth understanding of the build process rather than target dates, and ensuring the team had it off by heart. He repaired the client relationship through careful planning and frequent updates to ensure clarity and trust.

Practical and pragmatic, Jordan drove a complicated mix of demolition, refurbishment, cut and carve, new build and external landscaping. He scheduled his deliveries around the supply chain movements of a ground-floor store that remained open for the duration of the project. He managed an exacting steels removal process that would have convinced many that giving up and pulling the whole structure down was the only way forward.

And he showed a mastery of the temporary works that allowed him to construct a new top storey for the hotel while extending the adjacent building by four floors – an approach that left the whole build roofless for a considerable period. Despite it all, Jordan led the project to successful completion and handover.