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Andy Stamford MCIOB

Robert Woodhead Ltd

Andy Stamford’s ability to manage risk and overcome technical difficulties was a major factor in the success of this complex project to repair and replace a vast expanse of pitched lead roofing. He approached the client with solutions, not problems. He integrated the construction site into the wider visitor attraction by building public walkways through the massive scaffold. His motivational management ensured the project was completed on time and budget to the exacting standards of quality required for a Grade I-listed building.

About the Project

Wentworth Woodhouse, Rotherham

Replacement of lead roof, and refurbishment of timber and stonework, on Grade I-listed building, completed in 114 weeks.

Client: Wentworth Woodhouse Preservation Trust

Contract: JCT 2016, with quantities

Value: £4.7m

Faced with the job of replacing an extraordinarily large expanse of pitched lead roofing above a mansion, Andy Stamford knew that the 700 tonnes of scaffolding required would make or break the project.

It wasn’t simply the scale of the task, although it is by no means easy to erect 50,000 linear metres of metal tubing to support a temporary plastic roof and create a working platform without touching the Grade I-listed building enclosed. The real innovation was the requirement for the scaffolding to be accessible to the public.

Andy built walkways and two passenger lifts into the structure so guided tours could lead paying visitors and the public around the building, seven days a week. In effect, he integrated the construction site into the wider visitor attraction, which remained open throughout the works. And as the venue was also a live film set, preventing him moving anything through the building itself, he had to crane the scaffold over the building to get it into the many narrow internal courtyards. Once the scaffold was up, he assembled the 35-metre-long temporary roof trusses on the ground before lifting them into place.

Only then did the actual refurbishment work begin. Andy entirely reslated two of the project’s eight roofs, while replacing slates on the others. He repaired decayed oak trusses and damaged stone chimneys, 600kg ornamental urns and 10 life-size statues.

His realisation that the roof could be vented using the traditional skills of the tradespeople on site rather than installing a new system delivered client savings. And he made sure the client also benefitted from the once-in-a-lifetime working platform opportunity of a complete scaffold encirclement by incorporating the repair of out-of-scope elements that were in poor condition.