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2022 | Healthcare

Bob Swindle MCIOB
MPMH Construction

Queen Elizabeth University Royal Hospital for Children Wards 2A and 2B, Glasgow: M&E upgrade, completed in 116 weeks. 

Client: NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde 

Contract: SBCC 2016 

Value: £9m 

About the Project

Queen Elizabeth University Royal Hospital for Children Wards 2A and 2B

Bob Swindle was originally contracted to strip out and replace the existing ventilation, heating and water supplies to half of an existing children’s cancer ward. It soon became apparent, though, that the M&E systems in the other half of the ward would also need to be replaced.  

This substantially increased the scope of works for Bob’s project. No longer was it a question of him installing four large air-handling units but 26 of the enormous boxes – each the size of two double-decker buses. In a live hospital, operating around the clock, access was severely restricted. The units had to be disassembled into manageable sections and then distributed via the service lifts to the point of installation, reassembled and fitted. 

Bob had to install large sections of structural steel joists to support the edges of more openings for the upgraded ventilation through existing concrete slabs in the floor of the ward above. He also extended new air supply and extract ventilation ducts several storeys down from the upper levels of the hospital. 

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