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Dafydd Morris MCIOB

Willmott Dixon

Dafydd Morris delivered this technically challenging business park with success. He showed fine relationship management to keep the park operator, appointed mid-project with the main design complete and construction well advanced, happy. His rigorous planning of the services was key on a complex M&E with separate plant rooms and dedicated services for each of the 12 business units. His full-scale mockup of one of the production units before site start also ironed out construction and quality issues on a complex specification.

About the Project

The Food Works, Weston-Super-Mare

Construction of business park with 12 production units and four development areas, completed in 75 weeks.

Client: North Somerset Council

Contract: NEC, option A

Value: £11m

Dafydd Morris delivered a technically challenging business park that was very different from the standard school or office development.

Technical challenge notwithstanding, Dafydd’s big difficulty was the appointment of an operator mid-project, with the main design complete and construction well advanced. Despite having to veto many of the operator’s desired changes – switching out all the installed sinks for alternative designs, taking out constructed walls to alter room layouts – because of the impact on the project budget and programme, he had the communications smarts to avoid relationships rupturing. The operator ultimately praised the project as a Rolls-Royce facility for the food and drink sector.

The unusual nature of the scheme stemmed from the high performance requirements in the food processing sector making the mechanical and electrical installation much more complex than for standard industrial units. Each of the project’s 12 production units had its own plant room with individual water, gas, electric and telecoms supply, making for heavily congested external service runs around the building. With the client not knowing the required output for each production unit, all incoming supplies were oversized. Dafydd’s rigorous planning of the services installation was critical to success here.

His construction of a full-scale mockup of one of the production units before site start ironed out any potential construction and quality issues. As issues with resin floors of similar units are not uncommon, Dafydd changed the epoxy floor paint in the plant rooms to cove vinyl flooring to ensure any leak could at least be contained within the plant room. The client and operator were delighted with his initiative, and the build overall.