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Jon Clayden MCIOB

ISG UK Construction London

Jon Clayden succeeded after the first main contractor’s failure on a logistically challenging city centre project, delivering a high-quality product to a proud client. Four weeks after his appointment, he had the works moving again thanks to clear direction and rigorous planning. His demountable pit lane relieved the delivery restrictions on a busy site frontage. He created a forklift route through the project’s car stacking area and into an internal courtyard with space for a turning circle.

About the Project

The Chimes, London

Construction of five-storey block of 36 supported-living apartments, completed in 141 weeks.

Client: Lifestory Group

Contract: Construction Management

Value: £38m

The logistics challenge on this tightly constrained city site, with its single route in and out and a school next door, was more than capable of bringing the project down. The original contractor was replaced, already eight weeks behind schedule, while in the middle of the basement construction.

Jon Clayden showed how it should be done. Four weeks after his appointment, he had the works moving again under his new management, with clear direction and rigorously planned process.

With every inch of the site excavated to form the basement, he moved the site welfare cabins to the front of the project. That allowed vehicle access for the concrete deliveries until enough of the basement and ground floor had been built to free up internal courtyard space and relocate the double-stack cabins.

To relieve the delivery restrictions imposed by bus routes on the busy site frontage, Jon installed a demountable pit lane. He then created a forklift route through the project’s car stacking area and into the courtyard, which had space for a turning circle. The opening to the basement was infilled with a heavy-duty scaffold deck and covered with steel plate to create a temporary internal roadway that allowed materials to be brought directly from vehicles to the hoist.

He overcame the site’s non-existent storage space by sending deliveries to a single off-site centre. A single vehicle was then loaded at the storage facility with multiple different materials for its site trip to make just-in-time delivery a reality.

As notable as the logistics triumph was Jon’s assured value engineering, which took an unaffordable £4m out of costs. His challenge of the incoming electrical works design ended up saving £50,000. And he respected the architect’s choices with judicious compromise. The facade’s costly green glazed bricks were flaunted on the front-facing areas of the project but replaced at the low-impact back.

His clear-minded planning took out risk. With a large ground-floor area to screed late in the project, which would have stopped all other works in the area, he rescheduled the screeding to just before the Christmas break, gaining a fortnight’s extra screed drying time and allowing other trades to move in once the site reopened in January.