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Stephen Pedro
Telford Homes
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Telford Homes

Stone Studios, Hackney Wick, London

Stone Studios, Hackney Wick, London: construction of five blocks with 120 apartments, completed in 67 weeks. 

Contract: JCT 

Value: £38m 

About the Project

A barrage of neighbour complaints and panic about odours released during the groundworks forced Stephen Pedro back to the drawing board on this former metalworking site.  

With a pungent smell of mothballs coming from the benzene and naphthalene in the soil, Stephen got the works moving again by reducing the depth of the attenuation tank dig and spreading it over a wider area. With no further need to excavate deep below the water table, no more unpleasant odours arose and the community calmed down. Buildability advantages included avoiding the significant groundwater challenge. 

Stephen continued to make the moves that got the project over the line. When it became clear that part of the retained facade for one of the blocks had become unsafe, he took it apart piece by piece and rebuilt it with a blockwork inner-skin. 

When it was decided that the combustibility of iroko timber fins made installing them on the facade risky, he led the rethink. His switch to iroko-coloured aluminium fins maintained the facade’s original design and profile.  

Stephen drove value by replacing the blocks’ precast concrete coping stones and cladding panels with glassfibre-reinforced units. Substantially lighter, they delivered cost savings and ease of installation. Likewise his introduction of no-joint CLP piping in each of the 120 apartments made for easier, faster, safer installation.