Twenty gold and silver medallists across ten categories, the Rising Star Award, the President’s Award, Client of the Year, Team of the Year and one Construction Manager of the Year.

An evening of entertainment and celebration at one of London’s top venues.

An evening of entertainment and celebration at one of London’s top venues.

Twenty gold and silver medallists across ten categories, the Rising Star Award, the President’s Award, Client of the Year, Team of the Year and one Construction Manager of the Year.

The best talent in the construction industry

Awards & Recognition

Entering the CIOB Awards provides you with the opportunity for your skills and abilities to be recognised. These prestigious awards will be a springboard in your career unlike any other; many of our previous medal winners have gone on to work on iconic landmarks like Canary Wharf and The Shard.


These awards really do bring out the best in everyone. Because that is what they are about – the best. The people in our industry who are making the biggest difference.

This evening we are lucky enough to hear the stories that have got our finalists here. That road to the final involves many people, colleagues, friends and often family members too.

It is also against the backdrop of an often-volatile economic environment, with peaks and troughs in supply, complex problems to solve and a world in desperate need of sustainable solutions from the built environment. As the global construction industry becomes more interlinked, so nationally and locally we feel the repercussions of world events and crisis we are living through more acutely.

Yet tonight we will hear that our finalists rose to the challenge, setting new benchmarks and showing us a future that reimagines what is possible.

There are few industries that have the level of impact on the lives of people that we do. We belong to an industry that connects people to each other; we build and rebuild communities as much as we build economies, creating homes, hospitals, workplaces and schools. Throughout tonight we will see many examples that highlight how challenging and creative this great industry is.

Our awards are not standing still and this year we have incorporated some new additions, judged to our exacting standards. Last year we added to our popular Construction Manager of the Year category, with awards that supported Rising Stars, Clients and celebrated entire Teams. This year we have added awards that recognise and celebrate those individuals and companies that make our industry more equal, diverse and inclusive, and I am also delighted to see the introduction of our first Sustainability award.

My message to the finalists is to remember what a fantastic achievement it is to reach the final. No matter what happens. One which will remain with you throughout your career and for which you can be justifiably proud. We are.

Wishing you all a great evening.

Datuk Seri Michael Yam FCIOB
CIOB President 2022/23

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Awards host


An RTS Award winning broadcaster with a career spanning nearly 20 years, Anita Rani is a hugely popular presenter with TV audiences.

As one of the lead presenters on BBC One’s Countryfile, Anita has become a familiar face on British television whilst also presenting a range of shows including Secret Spenders and The Answer Trap for Channel 4, as well as a range of explorative documentaries for the BBC including Bollywood: The World’s Biggest Film Industry; My Family, Partition and Me: India 1947 and more recently War on Plastics with Hugh and Anita alongside Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. Most recently seen on ITV’s Fastest Finger First.

Growing up in Bradford, Anita had her own radio show on Sunrise Radio at the age of 14 and has continued to develop her relationship with radio ever since, joining the BBC’s Asian Network in 2005, covering numerous slots for BBC Radio 2 and as the host of BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour alongside Emma Barnett.

Her debut book The Right Sort of Girl was released in 2021, documenting her upbringing and the lessons she’s learnt growing up navigating her Indian world at home and the British world outside. It became a Sunday Times bestseller and received rave reviews upon release.

portrait of Anita Rani

CIOB Awards Judging Panel

The CIOB Members, Fellows and industry specialists who comprise the judging panels are all experts in their own right.
The professional assessments and knowledge of our judges are at the very heart of this year’s awards. Their contribution to the CIOB Awards 2022 is acknowledged and appreciated by the Trustees of the CIOB.

Chair of the Judges

Paul Nash FCIOB, CIOB Past President 2016/7

Construction Manager of the Year Awards Judges

Stephen Bradbury MCIOB

John Brennan FCIOB

Micheal Butcher MCIOB

Mark Chamberlain FCIOB

Emma Curtis MCIOB

Simon Davies FCIOB

Mark Day MCIOB

Ian Fletcher FCIOB

Derek Fryer FCIOB

Gavin Heaphy MCIOB

Ian Lumsden FCIOB

Mike May FCIOB

Jane O’Leary MCIOB

Peter T Roberts FCIOB

John Sayers FCIOB

Peter Searle FCIOB

CMYA Consultants

Chris Richards FCIOB

Gordon Harker MCIOB

CMYA Project Managers

Craig Marcham

Sandra Hemsley

CMYA Administrator

Naheda Jaigirdar

CIOB Awards Judges

CMYA Rising Star Award

Jean Duprez MBE FCIOB

Adam Mitchell MCIOB

CMYA Client Award

Mike Foy FCIOB

Jennifer Makkreel MCIOB

Jamie Strathearn MCIOB

CMYA Team Award

Stuart Brown FCIOB

Jonathan Campbell FCIOB

Michael Gallagher FCIOB

CMYA Sustainability Award

Chris Gorse MCIOB

Eddie Tuttle

Michael Gallagher FCIOB

CMYA EDI Awards: Individual and Company

Machel Bogues

Chris Keast FCIO

Michael Gallagher FCIOB

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