2024 | Sustainability Award Winner

Saul D Humphrey LLP FCIOB
Saul D Humphrey LLP (Anglia Ruskin University)
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A professor of sustainable construction at Anglia Ruskin University and a chartered environmentalist, Saul Humphrey also posts profusely on LinkedIn on everything from net-zero roadmaps to hemp blockwork, flood mitigation, nutrient neutrality and modern methods of construction. He leads a consultancy devoted to highly sustainable, low-carbon projects that currently include an urban settlement of 750 homes at Lewes that focuses on reuse, circularity and bio-based material solutions, while a £1.5bn sustainability-rich garden village is in the pipeline. Committed to shifting the dial towards sustainability, he has single-handedly steered £170m of his consultancy’s projects from building regulation compliancy to exemplars of best practice in sustainable development.